A Price to Pay (Interactive Poetry)

The wonderful writer over at Acting My Life wanted to participate in my interactive poetry this week! The words they gave me were (89, Time, and Crime) and to be quite honest it came out as less of a poem and more of a story with a rhyming scheme, but I still think you all will enjoy it!

A Price to Pay

I put down the phone
“Billy come over here”
What is it gramps he moaned
“Theres something you need to hear”

With that he came and sat down
“I’ll make this brief for you”
“I’m not gonna be around”
“Much longer as this is something I have to do”

“But first let me tell you a story”
“Of a long time ago back in 89”
“When your grandad sought glory”
“I tried to make the world mine”

I had his attention now
But I was running out of time
“I wanted it all, but didn’t know how”
“To get it, so I resorted to a life of crime”

I could hear the sirens
My time was almost gone
“I became a monster, a tyrant”
“Making my way to the top through brawn”

“But gramps” he started to say
I had to interrupt him though
“Listen Billy, I have to go away”
“I just wanted you to know”

“That making your way to the top”
“By trampling on other is not the way”
“And the birth of your mother is why I stopped”
“But back then I wasn’t willing to pay”

“For all that I had done”
“But now that im old and i’ve had time to reflect”
“I realize that I can no longer run”
“And its time to own up to all my past regrets”

Outside a car door shut, so I said goodbye
I hope in my story he can find some advice
As I go to the meet the police I try not to cry
I’ve lived a good life and it’s time to pay the price

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