Noisy Songbird (Interactive Poetry)

One of my really close friends the fantastic writer over at Noisy Songbird agreed to participate in my interactive poetry. Her words that she gave me were (Ambivalent, Plethora, and Adore.) It is a tad morbid but I still feel that the overall result was good.

One Way Friendship

Put down time and time again
Can leave you quite ambivalent
Even if it is quite a drain
When I feel like everyone’s instrument
Some people have a plethora
Of friends but I do not
But people act as if i have this aura
As if I have something they’ve always sought
I’m someone they can talk to
But I can’t talk to them
Because they don’t care about what I do
You see to them I am some hidden gem
Someone for them to use
And act like they adore
When all I get from them is abuse
They dont even care if I drop dead on the floor

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