Said With An Eye (Interactive Poetry)

One of my favorite writers here on wordpress Said With An Eye agreed to give me some more words for my interactive poetry week. And she again gave me some pretty challenging words – (Cheese, Freckles, Moon rocks) but I think I did alright!

Space Cheese

Some say the moon is made of cheese
Would that make the wedges moon rocks
The thought of that makes me want to seize
That delectable moon cheese that’ll blow up stocks
Every cheese imaginable is up there
All the way from mozzarella to brie
And other cheeses so rare
You’ll swear they’re as far as the eye can see
Cheese’s ranging from podolico to pule
So when you look up at night and see a speckle
And you inexplicably start to drool
It’s because I’m harvesting the moon’s freckles


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