Dees Daily Journal (Interactive Poetry)

More interactive poetry for you all! Courtesy of the great writer over at Dees Daily Journal. They gave me her three words and I had a lot of fun writing this one! The words were (Lollipops, Jingle, and Cupcakes) tell me how I did!

Sweet Tooth

Have you ever wanted to walk through a forest
Where instead of trees theres lollipops
Like the single luckiest tourist
Whose entire world’s been swapped
Taking in all the sights
Of this forest of sweets
Here there are no bushes, but giant cupcakes
Where you see nothing you wont eat
There is no controlling yourself here, no brakes
Does the thought of all this send a tingle
All the way down your spine
Do you want to dance around whistling a jingle
Take a step back because this is a sign
That your sweet tooth isn’t acceptable
I hope you realize the situations gravity
You are far too susceptible
Because your entire mouth is filled with cavities


6 thoughts on “Dees Daily Journal (Interactive Poetry)

  1. I like it. The thought of lollipop trees and cupcake bushes on grass that’s made of fairy dust candy, whistling through on his moped, the bespectacled hunch backed leering dentist with his lasso, hunting for children crying in the undergrowth of strawberry laces and marshmallows. Brilliant. Thank you.

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  2. the last time I checked, my mouth has only one cavity, ha ha thanks to “taking little sweets”. I cherish the mind behind this piece. Great great mind

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