In Search of Glory (Interactive Poetry)

The hilarious and creative writer in her own right Amanda(@She_Nutt) agreed to participate in my interactive poetry. She gave me her three words (Light, Dark, and Glory) and I wrote my piece incorporating those words. It came out a tad morbid but still good I hope!

In Search of Glory

It feels like I just keep running
Mile after pain staking mile
My refusal to quit is stunning
As I continue this awful trial
Feeling as if this will never be over
Because that light
At the end of the tunnel never gets closer
And my chest feels so tight
My feet are moving slower
The world is going dark
And my eyelids are dropping lower
My heart has lost its spark
I ran so hard from my past
Trying to escape its horrors
So as I fall and breathe my last
Breath, I regret only looking forward
In my search of glory
Now im dying alone to end to my story


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