Acting My Life (Interactive Poetry)

To start off week 2 of my interactive poetry the lovely writer over at Acting My Life gave me her three words – (Money, Greed, and Power) giving me a theme that I have used many times in the past. So I tried to approach it from a different route this time, so let me know how I did!

The Road to Power

Its hard not to see
That our world runs on money
And that it determines who we will be
That sweet green honey
Drives us all to greed
Because money gives us power
And we all want to succeed
Money can make us feel empowered
We will go to such extraordinary lengths
To acquire it that we begin to forget
Our individual talents and strengths
Becoming heartless husks only seeking to get
What we want with no regard
For those who we are stepping on
Because the path to power is one marred
By the blood of those who are dead and gone
So this all begs the question
Is tossing aside our humanity
And embracing our possessions
Worth the price of our sanity
Is the money company enough on its own
When getting to the top has left you all alone


5 thoughts on “Acting My Life (Interactive Poetry)

  1. I recently posted about need and greed. And yes, if our eyes get to focus on something materialistic like money and fame and power, it is either you will be unhappy, desperate, and you will want to want more. Great words there!!! :- )

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