Why I Write

I want my words to have meaning
For people to want to listen
To me when I am speaking
And to read what I have written
I want my life to matter
So when it seems that no one cares
The illusion starts to shatter
And life gets harder to bear
I question my choices
The directions I’ve gone
Friends i’ve made and all the voices
I’ve heard, and the conclusions ive drawn
So when I think back on all these years
It makes me feel so insignificant
And my heart starts to fill with fear
But all that can change in an instant
When someone comes to you
And they say to you that your words
Have helped them to push through
All the obstacles and all the swords
I realize that fame is secondary
Because if I can help one person
Thats all that is necessary
For me to carry on, of this im certain


14 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I can relate to this. Writing is so much bigger than just words on a page on computer screen. Writing is communication. Therapy. News. Connecting and relating to others. Poetry. Fiction. Blogging. Writing is expression. I also feel that if I have positively impacted one person’s life with my writing, or made them feel something, then I have succeeded as a writer.

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