Locked Away (Interactive Poetry)

Along with asking everyone here on WordPress if they wanted to participate in my interactive poetry I asked the people who follow me on Facebook as well. And a few people were interested and one of those people was my Aunt. She came up with three words and they were (Catapult, Blame, and Tick) which was a nice set of words granted catapult was difficult. But here’s what I came up with.

Locked Away

No one wants to be the one to blame
When things start to go bad
And so we try to mask our shame
By acting out and getting mad
We try to pit things on others
In order to relieve our own pain
Friends, mothers, sisters, brothers
Even if this lifestyle is an emotional drain
We continue to push on
As our life’s clock continues to tick
Until our sense of right and wrong is gone
Taking our lives apart brick by brick
All thats human is locked away
Sealed up tight behind our walls
And no matter what we say
We will never let you into these halls
You will never catch us off guard
Even if you bring battering rams and catapults
Your way in will always be barred
Because our hearts are locked away behind battered vaults


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