A Shot of PTSD

a short story

Walking into the bar I know I wont last long
There is no bar in town that will serve me more than one drink
Because if they do ill start swinging like king kong
I just cant stand drinking at home, I don’t want him to see me sink

So I take a seat and order my shot
The bartender laughs in disgust as he passes it to me
I pound it down and he sends me to rot
Now to pick up my son from my mothers and flee

On the way from the door he bumps into her car
And suddenly I’ve dropped to the ground
As her car alarm has taken me back to a land torn apart
Where death is the norm and bullets fly around

Through the hail of misery I hear his voice
His voice pulls me away from my past
I take him home because there is no other choice
Without him I would not last

I send him off to play and grab my glass
I hate for him to see me like this but this pain…
Feels like it will never pass
So I drink to quiet down my noisy brain

As the bottle disappears and my cup runs dry
Its time for my son to go to bed
He falls asleep just as the sky begins to cry
And the noise from my past disappears from my head

Then the thunder roars down
Sending the memories roaring back
I run for my nearest bottle in order to drown
Out the noise from the heavens attack

It seems to be working fine until I hit the wall
Knocking his picture onto the ground
I fly right back to it all
To where my friends died without a sound

I try to scream but I can’t change the past
From the corner ahead I see the eyes
Of the little boy whose life ended with a flash
He held death in his hands that would have caused me to die

Blissfully as the storm ends it all comes to stop
As the sun comes up, I open my eyes to see
The light come down on his picture that dropped
And for the first time I see that I must try and be the father he needs


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