The Weight of the World

I wrote this with a friend of mine. 

This piercing rain pours down
Droplets striking the windowpane furiously
Forever torturing this lowly town
The wind caressing my skin in curiosity

As I stare out into this shattered land
My world is crumbling as I remain dormant
Holding up the remains with a broken hand
Like giant Atlas at his strongest

Now it’s broken and falls around me
Hope begins to fade whilst desolation spreads
In this vast expanse death is what I see
I take a deep breath, and carefully I tread

Enveloped in this persistent mist I move on
Desperately seeking for something to free me
But in this game I am nothing but a pawn
Hollow spirits roam in this empty sea

Dark and sinister an endless storm
The sky filled by a forsaken grey
Constant rain breaking morale is the norm
I hungrily search for the light of the new day

Though I know shadows rule this land
My determination cannot be surpassed
Sifting through these endless sands
I find that salvation is within my grasp

Broken pieces come together to mend
Fixing the puzzle that was damaged and torn,
My strength, my resolve will not bend
Through my work the world is reborn


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