Social Inequality

In a world overwhelmed by greed

We forget those who can’t afford to breathe

Driven by our insatiable desire to succeed

As we live our lives with relative ease

Even as decisions are made by the corrupted

In this apathetic society empathy is almost forgotten

Surrounded by comfort we don’t want to be disrupted

Our strive for equality has begun to rotten

You say that this is just the way things are

I say this is not how it was meant to be

In this course that is life equality shouldn’t settle for subpar

Some will say this is the best we can do, but I refuse to believe

That this heinous injustice is the best we can do

The time for change is here and now

Inequality has run its course it’s time to improve

The question is no longer why it has become how

Those who believe are coming together

And our will and our resolve will not shudder

Separated no longer we take each others hand

Your time is ending now we make our stand


2 thoughts on “Social Inequality

  1. I love this and wish there were more visionaries like you…who see a problem and are willing to seek solutions. generally, it is easier to malign or scapegoat or just be apathetic.

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